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What to Consider For Your Winter Vehicle Care

Living in Saskatchewan means dealing with extreme weather conditions. Because of this, preparing your car for the season is essential. At Yorkton Dodge, we understand that Saskatchewan winters can be tough on cars and trucks. Our dealership is equipped to help you get your vehicle ready for winter driving. Here are some top ways to ensure your car or truck is able to navigate icy roads or deep snow drifts this season.

Change Oil and Filter

If it's been more than five months since your last oil change, it's time to change the oil and filter. The engine oil must be changed regularly to maintain optimal performance - especially during cold weather when an engine has extra stress from having to fight against freezing temperatures and cold starts. Get your oil and filter changed at our expert Service Centre today!

Replace Wiper Blades and Fluids

Cold weather can cause wiper blades to harden, making them less efficient at removing snow and slush from windshields, so you should consider replacing them before winter arrives. Use washer fluid designed for colder climates that will freeze at much lower temperatures than regular washer fluid. Hence, you always have good visibility no matter what kind of precipitation hits your windshield during the season. For new wiper blades equipped to handle heavy snowfall, visit our Parts Centre!

Check the Heating System and Defrosters

Your heating system needs attention every year before winter. This includes having your air filters and vent hoses checked or replaced if necessary. This largely depends on how old they are or how often you drive off-road. When checking out defrosters, ensure they're connected well; otherwise, warm air will not reach the windshield correctly. This results in poor visibility, which could cause accidents. Also, check coolant levels in the radiator, and drain water from inside headlights if present.

Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready at Yorkton Dodge

Whether you need new tires installed by our technicians or just a simple tune-up, Yorktown Dodge is here to prepare your vehicles properly ahead of time. Contact us today if you are wondering what else you could do to prepare for winter driving.

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