5 Best Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring

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For spring maintenance, you will want to follow these five tips:

Best 5 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Spring

Canadian winters are tough on our vehicles. As spring approaches, don't forget to prepare your car for spring to keep it running smoothly. Here are our recommendations for how to prepare your car for spring.

1. Clean Your Car

The wet, freezing winter condition exposes cars to sand, salt, and other grime until it accumulates underneath the car to cause corrosion. Clean the car's body and undercarriage by using garden hose water at high pressure or pressurized sprayers at a car wash to spray off the grime.

2. Swap Your Tires

Winter tires perform well at low temperatures. Warming spring temperatures make winter tires less responsive and wear fast, reducing stability and increasing fuel consumption. Replace your winter tires with all-season tires that are built for driving in warm weather. All-season tires have a better grip in both dry and rainy conditions. Visit our Yorkton Dodge Service Centre to switch from winter tires to summer or all-season tires.

3. Change Your Oil

Thinner and lower-viscosity oil suits the engine during winter. In spring, replace it with thicker and higher-viscosity oil suitable for warmer weather. An oil change in spring also guarantees that the vehicle has appropriate clean oil levels free of debris. You can get this simple service done during your tire swap.

4. Change Your Battery

The cold temperatures of winter take a toll on battery performance. When you visit our expert Service Centre for an oil change or tire swap, ask our professional technicians to inspect the battery as well!

5. Inspect Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers might become damaged if you use them to clear snow and ice off the windshield or if you leave the car out during freezing temperatures. Inspect the blades carefully to see if they are worn. Then, replace the wiper blades with a new set.

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