Off-Roading Safety Tips For Yorkton, SK

Off-Roading Safety Tips For Yorkton, SK

Browse our new inventory at Yorkton Dodge and explore our many off-road capable SUVs and pickup trucks. When conquering challenging terrain, you will want to be safe and avoid pushing the limits of your vehicle. You also need to know which features your vehicle has to help you when off-roading, and you can contact us if you need assistance figuring out your vehicle's specific capabilities.

Off-Road Safety Tips

1. Tell Someone

Before you go on the trails, let someone know which route you are planning to take and give them an estimated time to expect you back.

2. Bring Somebody With You

It is always a good idea to have a second person with you when off-roading. They can help you in an emergency, guide you through a challenging hill, and it's always more enjoyable to have company when driving off-road.

3. Walk The Trail First

A good practice is to walk the trail before driving it, giving you a better sense of what to expect inside the vehicle as you can't see everything from the cabin.

4. Speed Isn't Your Friend

Avoid driving quickly off-road as it can increase the likelihood of severe damage. Most hills and obstacles can be overcome by climbing over them slowly and steadily. Also, if you attempt to pick up too much speed, you can spin your tires and wear them out prematurely.

Schedule a Service Appointment

When it comes time to go off-road, you will find many components on your vehicle that require an inspection to ensure they are ready to perform. Most importantly, you would want to check your tires' conditions and visually examine various suspension components. If you find that you need spare parts to bring to the trails or want to replace a component before leaving, make sure to visit our Parts Centre to source OEM replacement parts. Also, you can bring your vehicle into our Service Centre to have factory-trained technicians perform a multi-point inspection to ensure that you are ready for your off-road adventures.

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