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What Happens If You Don't Change Your Engine Oil

What Happens If You Don't Change Your Engine Oil

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What Happens If You Don't Change Your Engine Oil

Purchasing a new vehicle from our new inventory at Yorkton Dodge is always a pleasant experience, but don't neglect to maintain your new vehicle during your ownership to avoid issues in the future. Changing your vehicle's engine oil on time is crucial to its reliability, so ensure never to skip or neglect getting oil changes on time. Visit us today to learn more about our many services, and explore the latest models within our vast selection.


Three Things That Can Happen If You Neglect Oil Changes


  • Reduced Lubrication Due To Sludge Build Up

Neglecting to change your engine's oil will cause it to turn into sludge, reducing the oil's lubrication properties. You never want to run your engine oil for longer than recommended or longer distances than scheduled. Since your engine has various components moving inside it within tight tolerances, poor lubrication will cause increased friction, which reduces performance and efficiency. Also, excess wear and tear will occur inside the engine, reducing its useful lifespan.


  • Voided Vehicle Warranty

New vehicle warranties have many clauses that can cause the warranty to be voided, and neglecting maintenance such as oil changes will cause you to lose your warranty. You can avoid such issues by getting your oil changes on time and following warranty recommendations.


  • Complete Engine Failure

Old oil inside your engine will only cause excessive wear as you continue to drive. Also, in some cases, your engine might experience added stress due to the higher friction from not having proper lubrication, causing it to experience complete failure. Engine replacements are some of the most expensive vehicle repairs, so avoid those expenses by getting your engine oil changes on time.

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