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Get up to 20% off MSRP now on 2023 RAM 1500 Classic. Get yours before they're gone! SHOP NOW

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Seasonal Tire Rotation & Tire Balance

Seasonal Tire Rotation & Tire Balance

Seasonal Tire Rotation & Tire Balance

As fall and winter approaches, the beginning of November is the perfect time to prepare your car for cold weather. With different types of tires in the market, one of the most crucial changes you must make is switching from regular to winter tires. These tires are too soft to be used throughout the year, but they provide more grip on winter surfaces.


Moreover, as you prepare to swap your wheels, ensure proper tire and wheel alignment. Keep reading to understand why having adequate tire maintenance and wheel alignment is vital as you prepare to swap out seasonal tires.


Should One Re-Balance the Tires?


Putting your wheels or tires out of alignment is independent of a significant incident. Everyday driving, especially on rough roads, can lead to small movements that quickly affect the balance. This includes hitting a bump or stopping your car instantly due to an emergency. Most of the time, your front wheels are the most affected because they lead the way. 


Good drivers can identify issues such as declining fuel efficiency and vehicle handling problems when this happens. Although this might start as a simple annoyance, it will get dangerous if you don't fix it early enough.


When to Rotate the Tire and Why?


As stated earlier, safety is the most significant reason to have a wheel alignment service at Yorkton Dodge. However, this is not the only reason because your car can have other problems that might cost more to repair. For most vehicles, alignment and balancing issues lead to uneven tear and higher vibration levels on the steering wheel. This is critical if you plan to drive around during the cold winter. 


Even if you choose the most expensive or high-tech tires best suited for the weather, uneven tread wear will still be problematic. When you bring your car in for tire swapping, it would be clear if it needs balancing or alignment for safe driving. Our experts will always perform proper analysis and recommend the best solution for the upcoming weather changes.


How is Balancing and Alignment Beneficial to Your Car?

Balancing and alignment are part of regular maintenance that can help you stay safe on the road. Wheel alignment ensures correct angles for the tires to move in the same direction. Balancing reduces uneven wear and tear to increase the life of your tires. Both repairs provide a smoother ride, and you will save money with reduced tread wear, less strain on other parts, and better gas mileage.


Contact Us at Yorkton Dodge!


Well-balanced wheels add more life to the treads by decreasing wear and tear and also boost your fuel economy. At Yorkton Dodge, we have all the necessary expertise to get the job done. Contact us today and schedule an inspection and have peace of mind this fall and winter.

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